Bringing clinical trial visits directly to patients when and where it's convenient for them.

Accellacare In-Home Services can be provided in all phases and a wide range of therapeutic areas to:

Increase patient retention
With more support and oversight at home, and reduced travel burden, patients are more likely to remain compliant and active in their trial regiment. In one study, 97% of patients who used Accellacare In-Home Services remained in the study, compared to 33% of patient who only used traditional site visits.

Accellacare In-Home Services has been in operation for more than 20 years. We've completed more than 400 studies, spanning a wide range of therapeutic areas across the globe.

Faster enrolment
Patients are more likely to consider clinical research participation if they have more flexibility to complete study visits when and where it's most convenient for them. In 2022, studies with Accellacare In-Home Services had 40% faster enrolment on average. Increased flexibility and geographic reach may also increase patient diversity, by allowing studies to access more remote patient pools.

Quality study data
Accellacare In-Home Services works uses gobal regulatory intelligence, local regulatory insights, and feedback from our Alliance Partners around the globe to ensure regulatory compliance. Our approach has resulted in 48 customer audits completed over the past five years with no critical findings.

Accellacare In-Home Services has successfully deployed these services for a range of clinical trials and has a comprehensive network in 60+ countries throughout the world.  

Webinar: Best practices and processes to build confidence in the value of in-home services

Webinar: Best practices and processes to build confidence in the value of in-home services

Overcoming key stakeholder concerns to deliver on patient centric clinical trials.

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Solutions are tailored to specific study requirements, patient populations and include the following options:

  • Study drug administration (infusion, injection, topical, oral)
  • Collect blood samples (PK/PD, Safety Labs) and process with portable centrifuge
  • Collect urine and other biological samples
  • ECG test and device management
  • Patient training and education for self-administration
  • Body system assessments
  • Administer patient questionnaires, or check for completion
  • Check for changes in health, hospitalization, or concomitant medications
  • Record vital signs, height and weight
  • Complete visit documentation
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Source and manage ancillary supplies for in-home visits


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