Supporting your trial with support services

ICON provides first level help desk services that support the day-day maintenance of your clinical trial, improving efficiency and increasing service levels for clients.  Outsourcing this service can reduce costs and improve your margins.

Features include:

  • Established global infrastructure
  • Expert language translations
  • Demonstrated compliance
  • Robust quality assurance
  • Confidential, tailored, flexible service

Full range of services

Around the clock 24/7/365 support services

  • Patient focused support
  • Vendor triage
  • Medical monitoring and emergency triage
  • Protocol questions
  • Pre-screening
  • Training verification
  • User Account Management
  • Inquiry center/FAQ line
  • Patient diary reminder calls
  • Product complaint management

Providing the support you need

Professionally trained and experienced full time staff

Business continuity service with risk mitigation

  • Available via telephone and/or email
  • Country specific toll free numbers available
  • Secondary toll numbers provided as back-up

Automated routing based on options selected by the caller

Traceability and tracking

We operate an incident management via 21CRF11 compliant ticketing system with less than 15 second average wait time for response. Customised metrics detailing key SLAs and response times provide you with the oversight you need to ensure service is operating according to your expectations. All calls are monitored for training and quality purposes

Language Management

Our operatators are equipped to support 180+ language with access to additional languages as needed for your projects.

  • Complete translation process      
  • Translation services group has worked with ICON for 13+ years and are fully trained on life sciences terminology