Next Generation Sequencing

ICON’s NGS service offering provides validated panels covering cancer oncogenes, tumor suppressors, hot spot mutations, gene copy number variants and gene fusions that are optimised to detect clinically relevant mutations across targeted genes of interest.

Digital PCR

Utilising the Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR) assay system, we have developed highly sensitive assays for rare mutations found in circulating nucleic acids isolated from blood.

Access to technologies for every biomarker need

Limiting a drug programme to a single diagnostic platform early in the development process can introduce unnecessary risks and increased costs. That’s why we collaborate with a diverse range of prominent diagnostic platform manufacturers to ensure access to the technologies that best fit client needs. Our solutions are designed to manage the risk and uncertainty associated with the oncology co-development process. Also, our agility allows us to adapt to strategy changes when needed. Moreover, we leverage technologies that address all major types of biomarkers and pairs them with the most ideal diagnostic platforms and validated methods available.