Clinical monitoring is a dynamic and multifaceted function that plays a pivotal role in bringing safe and effective treatments to patients.

Data integrity and quality

Accurate, complete, and consistent data collection, minimising errors and discrepancies

Patient safety

Assessing participant safety and well-being and promptly addressing adverse events and safety concerns

Protocol adherence

Ensuring your trial is conducted in alignment with the study protocol and in accordance with defined procedures and eligibility criteria

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines, including GCP standards

Timely reporting

Facilitating timely and accurate reporting of trial progress, data, and safety information

Flexible and agile monitoring solutions to meet the needs of your organisation

While the goal of clinical monitoring is the same for both pharma and biotech companies - to ensure high-quality, compliant, and safe clinical trials—variations in trial portfolios, resources, risk tolerance, and organisational structures can require different approaches and priorities in the execution of clinical monitoring strategies.

Regardless of your company size, ICON delivers the collaboration, innovation, and a patient-centric focus that is critical to successful clinical trial conduct.