Patient access continues to be one of the biggest industry challenges impacting on time and cost in clinical trials.

Accurate and rapid pre-screening for a clinical trial offers the potential to increase enrolment rates while also preventing ineligible patients being enrolled in your study.

FIRECREST Pre-Screen is an innovative digital solution to improve the speed and accuracy of the process compared to other current paper-based and eScreen methods.

Reduces Site Burden and Increases Consistency

ICON clinical trial specialists, who have years of experience in pre-screening patients, work with study clinicians to review and accurately identify the trial’s eligibility criteria that are suitable to be used at a pre-screening stage.

The eligibility criteria are then broken down into a series of easy-to-understand, individual questions, with additional support to aid understanding where needed. These questions are then programmed to appear in the order that makes most sense for the patient being assessed. This reduces site burden of having to scroll through documentation to be able to ask the right questions and also increases consistency in the process.


Increases Transparency into the Process

The study team is able to access aggregated pre-screen assessment data across all sites, giving real-time insight into pre-screen activity for the study and increasing transparency of progress to you.

Each individual pre-screen assessment is stored on the portal and can be retrieved by site staff for reference at a later date.

Bringing a number of benefits to your study:

  • Increased efficiency of pre-screening leading to faster enrolment rates at site
  • Reduced burden for site staff during the pre-screening process
  • Reduced risk of error patient burden by putting patients through screening process unnecessarily
  • Real-time insight into eligibility criteria that are impacting study enrolment

FIRECREST Pre-Screen is accessible through the FIRECREST Site Portal, on demand and on any device.

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