Data driven decisions

Better protocol design, country selection and realistic prediction

The first step is to gain an understanding of the targeted patient profile with respect to epidemiology, standard of care, treatment pathways and overall healthcare utilisation. We then conduct a rigorous analysis of the current clinical trial environment, including competitive landscape, historical performance precedence, country ranking, advanced modelling and recruitment projections.

Key attributes of our feasibility and clinical informatics offering include:

  • Global team of world-class feasibility experts and data scientists to process, interrogate and analyse data to support a winning strategy 
  • Immediate ability to query electronic health records on millions of patients to support study design, site and patient recruitment
    • Health information technology collaboration - TriNetX, IBM Explorys, EHR4CR, EH2EDC
  • Proprietary combination of site, trial and drug intelligence databases to support operational planning of studies and programs
    • One Search, Feasibility Intelligence Tool (FIT), Pre-Screen, Trial Trove, Monte-Carlos
  • Study design and protocol evaluation
    • An integrated site network with direct access to Investigators to review study operations and resolve standard of care questions
    • Access to patient population to query study procedures and patient centric approaches
    • Time and motion programs to evaluate patient and site burden
  • Quality control site performance data analysis
    • Quantifying based on patient identification and validating sites’ access to patients