Control Tower from ICON gives you powerful real-time data so you can monitor the progress of your trial, spot emerging trends, and identify outliers; gaining the insights you need to make decisions and adopt quickly.

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    Your data
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    Your data
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Key benefits

  • Trust is ensured through full visibility of all trial data, empowering you to make decisions in a timely fashion.

  • Get insights in real time. See the data as it emerges, understand the information and act immediately.

  • Continuous direct access to operational data of clinical trials both at raw and unfiltered, as well as standard or custom analytics, prepared by expert data analysts.

  • Drill down to all levels of the trial from study, country and site level details and aggregations; across the full lifecycle of the trial from site selection until site close and data lock.

  • All data is fully secured making unauthenticated access impossible.

  • Custom analytics available on our OneView portal when raw data is not sufficient.

Gerard Quinn

ICON plc, VP. IT Innovation & Informatics

“The ICON Control Tower is bringing an innovative approach to how we provide our sponsors with powerful data and insights that deliver the ability for real-time monitoring of progress, spot emerging trends and identify outliers. Combining our award winning secure, automated and AI powered software ARCADES framework and our OneView data analytics platform we are transforming the Healthcare Intelligence landscape.”