Making it easier for sites and study staff

Sites are increasingly publicising the challenges they face, citing how much more difficult it's become to participate in clinical trials, the growing complexity of protocols, and poor communication between sites and the sponsors or CRO.

FIRECREST Site Portal simplifies and streamlines the delivery of studies for sites and study teams, addressing the difficulties listed below.

The FIRECREST Site Portal enables sponsors, study teams and sites to connect, engage and learn. Use of the platform reduces site burden and makes it easier for sites to participate in clinical research.

FIRECREST focuses on ensuring sites are familiar with the study by creating and delivering content-rich protocol-specific training, reducing study-related burden, heightening engagement and providing better tools and capabilities – all of which drive study performance.

Through a suite of applications on each study-specific portal, we connect with sites for increased engagement and compliance, and we connect sponsors/study teams for enhanced oversight.

A one-stop shop for sites and study teams to connect, engage and learn

Our clinical, technological and learning management experts take your protocol and work with you to develop role-specific content and solutions for each phase of your study’s life cycle.

From start-up through to site activation, patient recruitment, trial maintenance and ultimately closeout, FIRECREST provides a suite of tools and functionality to support and enable sites in delivering your study, as presented below:

Start-Up and Activation

FIRECREST-created protocol training drives faster and better understanding of the study protocol through highly engaging study-specific content prepared by our in-house team.

Training site and study staff - ensuring you can keep your training on track and compliant

Document management and tracking - secure and compliant

Patient Recruitment support

Pre-Screen - supporting identification of potentially eligible patients for screening and transparency into process

Referral Management Console - see new site-specific referrals on the FIRECREST Site Portal for follow-up

Patient Education - supporting more informed patients and faster recruitment

Site Question Management - secure, centralised study communication removing dependence on email

Ongoing Trial Maintenance

Visit-by-Visit Guide & Visit Planner - comprehensive essential instructions for site and study staff

Safety Letters - seamless automatic distribution

Study News - keep sites engaged and invested

FIRECREST - Enterprise Solution

A flexible enterprise reporting solution offers actionable operational intelligence and management insights on demand, focused on driving value and giving the study team a greater opportunity to detect emerging issues as they happen.

Rapid deployment

Staged deployment means that you can have a study portal up and running in 2 weeks with full deployment of FIRECREST solutions from as little as 6 weeks from kick off meeting.

Faster Patient Enrollment and Fewer Protocol Deviations

Our clients are already seeing the benefits of FIRECREST, including an increase in enterprise training compliance, reduction in protocol deviations and costs associated with training and document management.

In a recent study conducted by Fletcher Spaght Inc., comparing trials with and without FIRECREST, our FIRECREST trials demonstrated 40% fewer protocol deviations per subject visit on average, and were twice as fast to first patient screened and to randomise patients.

Contact us today to find out more about our solutions and how you can engage your sites, and simplify and streamline your study.

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