Improving patients’ quality of life by facilitating access to patient-centred outcomes and clinical outcome assessments

  • 5,900+

    COAs documented
  • 45,000+

    COA translations
  • 700+

    Exclusive distributions of COAs

ICON is the primary sponsor of Mapi Research Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life by facilitating access to clinical outcome assessments (COAs) for the entire scientific community.

Incorporating the patient's voice into new treatments

Mapi Research Trust promotes scientific approaches in the COA field and encourages exchanges between academics, pharmaceutical companies, and international organisations around the world in the service of incorporating the patient’s voice into every step of the development process of new treatments.

Comprehensive expertise at each step of the patient-centric endpoint strategy

With the web-based platform ePROVIDE™ that includes the databases PROQOLID™, PROLABELS™ and PROINSIGHT™, Mapi Research Trust helps academic researchers, healthcare organisations and pharma companies build succesful patient-centric endpoint strategies.

In addition to the databases, the COA management service team answers all requests regarding patient-centred endpoint intelligence, licensing, scoring guides and manuals, translations and eCOA-related services.

The pre-eminent source of information on clinical outcome assessments

For nearly three decades Mapi Research Trust has been a direct contributor to nearly every translational science research program incorporating clinical outcome assessments. The Trust offers free and subsidised access to thousands of independent and academic research programs in over 130 countries every year. Mapi Research Trust contributes 4M€ a year in services that support academic research focusing on the improvement of patients’ lives.

Mapi Research Trust is the pre-eminent source of information on COAs and the most trusted name in the distribution of COA instruments worldwide:

  • More than 5,800 COAs described in the PROQOLID™ COA database
  • Directly distributes over 700 questionnaires on behalf of their developers/copyright holders
  • More than 45,000 COA translations
  • Over 200+ languages supported
The COA licensing process: How to prepare for success

The COA licensing process: How to prepare for success

The prerequisites for controlled use of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) and suggestions for streamlining the licensing process, which can be complex and typically involves multiple parties, are detailed in this whitepaper.

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