The ultimate service we offer our clients is clean, timely laboratory and related demographic data

 ICON Central Laboratories’ Global Data Services department meets this important client need via our own proprietary global IT system.

This system captures and manages all custom study parameters, laboratory results and demographic data in one comprehensive global database.

While offering clients one global repository for study data with multiple data formatting standards such as CDISC (LAB), ASCII, SAS and Oracle Clinical, plus support of client specific custom formats and delivery options, the system architecture utilizes the latest technology with respect to system security, data redundancy and a fully operational 24/7 disaster recovery center.

When contracting with ICON Central Laboratories and our other ICON service lines, including integration of local lab, reference lab and central lab data, our clients have the added benefit of a single process to validate all laboratory and clinical data for reduced outbound queries and rapid access to full study data.

Remote Data Access – ICOLabs

ICON Central Laboratories also offers clients a secure, web-based, remote data access tool known as ICOLabs (link to login for ICOLabs). This proprietary software is fully supported by our Information Technology Department and provides clients an easy-to-use, yet powerful system that features:

  • Study and subject trend reports that include both numeric and graph displays
  • A menu of standard reports, based upon client input
  • Ready access to subject’s visit-specific lab report
  • Easily accessible investigator contact information for streamlined follow-up with sites
  • Kit inventory reports to better track supply levels at investigator sites
  • Frozen specimen reports that track storage and shipping status at the container level
  • Ability to export and save reports in Excel formats