Capturing, curating and consuming data for integrated decentralised clinical trials.

The ICON Digital Platform is an end-to-end solution to enable patient services throughout the clinical trial. Its ease of use supports patient centricity and reduces the barriers to trial participation thus enhancing equity, diversity and inclusion.

It has the technical functionality, standard capability, integrated services and the flexibility for any study design or therapeutic area (traditional to fully decentralised), in one platform, ensuring interoperability and harmonised data. 

Seamless integration and delivery of patient focused services and innovation

  • Easy to use mobile patient app: configurable per study and available for IOS and android.
  • eConsent signing workflow in both mobile/remote (eSignature) and on-site settings (print-to-sign).
  • eCOA module is pre-loaded with the validated Mapi Research Trust library, instruments and translations, reducing eCOA set-up during study start-up. 
  • eSource direct data entry: enabling real-time data capture and access for site oversight for in-home services.
  • Televisit capability that enables scheduling and virtual one-on-one patient visits securely via an internet connection on a smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • Digital health technology data capture: Connected digital health devices e.g., wearables and sensors.
  • Patient pathway and study journey to aid in patient management.

Supported with specialised technical and clinical services

ICON’s Concierge Services provide sponsors with inbound and outbound direct support to patients, caregivers and site staff. Through this unique team, we can support stakeholders in both technology and clinical aspects through phone, email and SMS touchpoints, increasing engagement and improving compliance. Reducing patient burden and supporting the patient throughout the clinical trial journey, drives higher patient recruitment and engagement. 

Wide range of ICON site and study services through one single platform

  • Integrated with ICON’s Clinical Trial Tokenisation solution to enable valuable insights that inform development and commercial decisions.
  • End-to-end digital in-home solution: Offering visit management and notifications to support sites, nurses and study managers.
  • Global translation framework: More than 17 validated languages expedite regulatory submissions. ICON provides support for all countries and languages enabled on the platform.


The ICON Digital Platform also integrates with digital patient recruitment, biometrics workflows for data management, remote monitoring capability and laboratory services. It reduces regulatory compliance with a robust regulatory framework for platform deployment and global scalability.  

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