As a leading CRO with a presence in Latin and Central America since 1998, we have local know-how and site relationships

ICON was the first global CRO to establish operations in the region and today is one of the largest. We operate in six countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru), providing in-depth experience, and local expertise, on what is required to contribute to global and regional study delivery.

We have the capability and expertise to conduct clinical trials and development projects on both a local, cross-region and global basis and provide the full range of ICON Services.

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  • 1998

    Year we came to Latin America

ICON has broad experience in the implementation of clinical trials in Latin America.  We were the first CRO in the region and still one of the largest. This experience enables us to understand and comply with local regulations, customs, and language differences and to efficiently work with the culture and the medical practices in each country of the region– ensuring superior trial compliance and expeditious patient enrolment.

It also enables us to provide sound advice to our clients on how to prevent difficulties and delays in the implementation and development of the trials.

Why Latin America?

Several factors contribute to Latin America being a region of choice to conduct your clinical trials:

Patient Access

  • Over 600 million inhabitants and 80% urban population. Large metropolitan areas provide patient concentrations for stronger enrollment
  • Cardiovascular, arthritis, cancer, and infectious diseases are as prevalent as in the United States.
  • Patient compliance and retention - drop-out rates in the region are one-third those of  US and EU
  • Strong patient-doctor relationship built upon the health infrastructure of each country.
  • Less competition for patients with fewer clinical trials enrolling compared  to US & EU yields superior enrolment rates

Lack of Language Barrier

Only 2 languages -  Spanish and Portuguese.


Over the last 10 years, all FDA site inspections conducted on trials with positive results.

Market Potential

A substantial market for later sale of approved drugs, with registration accelerated by participation in multi-regional clinical trials. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique clinical research requirements.