As clinical development continues to evolve, so too is the desire to connect with the patient and enhance the patient experience.

ICON has leveraged its insight to develop patient focused services delivered through multiple channels; email, chat and phone, that make it easier to participate and stay engaged in clinical trials. 

A customised support solution, based on characteristics and expected challenges of the study, will increase patient engagement, compliance and retention. 

The services options that can be chosen for the solution include:


Patient centric design


Enrollment support

  • Assisting with pre-screening eligibility and validation

  • Support of the eConsent process and account administration


Welcome and on-boarding

  • Providing patients with study information and relevant communications

  • Scheduling in-home, site visits, and procedure


Digital health technology logistics and platform troubleshooting

  • Comprehensive testing and documentation of technologies used by patients to ensure positive patient experience
  • Procurement, inventory lifecycle management, warehousing
  • Provisioning, configuration, customisation and set up of study application(s) onto provided phones or tablets
  • Data plans and mobile accessories
  • Device shipment


End-to-end logistics management

  • Direct to patient shipments investigation product
  • Coordination and delivery management


Patient safety surveillance and reporting

  • Clinical oversight, triage, escalation and reporting  


Patient compensation

  • Centralised management of patient expenses and compensations


Adherence check-ins

  • Facilitation of the collection of patient reported data (COAs, QoL, drug/resources utilisation, safety outcomes and adverse events)
  • End to end testing for all eCOAs
  • Monitoring, adherence and compliance reminders and check-ins to ensure the patient is on-track during their study journey


Study completion services

  • Disenrollment
  • Managing Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process
  • Receiving and disposing of returned devices (i.e. cleaning for re-use or ewaste)
  • 18+

    years of experience in 45 countries
  • 80+

    studies supported
  • 190K+

    patients managed
  • 653K

    patient contacts performed

The Concierge Services team are clinical, technical and logistical specialists with multi-lingual resources, experience across multiple therapeutic areas and knowledgeable and compliant with regulatory, HIPPA, FDA, GDPR, ISO 13485 and GMP standards.

Centralised oversight management monitors risks and trend analysis ensuring patient safety and delivering key benefits to the trial.  Services are delivered in collaboration with site staff and study team to deliver a positive patient experience at every step of the journey.