OneView from ICON empowers sponsors to see and analyse their data from multiple sources within a trusted secure environment.

OneView benefits

  • Full visibility of all trial data from various sources in real time, eliminating time spent on status reporting.

  • Easily navigate through data which is displayed on interactive dashboards. Drill down from portfolio, to project, to country and site level.

  • Interactive graphs enable aligned views of study plans, with scrolling, zooming and activation/de-activation functionality.

  • Custom algorithms identify potential operational risks at site level making this a powerful tool for the management of operational risk associated with the trial.

  • Export and download data to PDF or Excel.

  • All data is fully secured.

Rob Ellison

ICON plc, Senior Director, Data & Applied Analytics.

“OneView is a suite of operational dashboards specifically designed to provide action-oriented data insights to drive intelligent decision making within Sponsor and ICON project teams. It is the single point of access to operational trial data from start-up through to trial close, incorporating data from disparate sources into one visualisation platform. The OneView dashboards are designed to provide portfolio, trial, site, and patient level information to provide insights across all levels of the ICON and Sponsor organisation. Creating transparency and a shared understanding of plans, progress, and risk for all stakeholders.”