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Decentralised and Hybrid Clinical Trials

Considerations in planning and executing


Find out more about the perceived barriers and solutions for executing these patient-centric trials.

Keeping clinical trials on track wherever feasible and safe during COVID-19 is important to bringing much needed treatments to patients. Applying alternative methods to minimise disruption including direct-to-patient trial support and in-home clinical services can all help to ease patient burden, keep patients engaged and increase retention. 

While decentralised and hybrid clinical trials are already being deployed in some studies, there are still a lot of questions around the best ways to operationalise;

  • How can we execute and remain compliant with research regulations while reducing patient burden?
  • Is there financial investment needed for new roles or technology?
  • How will decentralised trials and virtual trials affect data endpoints? 
  • How can we use remote patient assessment solutions to ensure that patients are compliant if they’re not physically at the investigation site?