ICON’s mission is to accelerate the development of drugs and devices to save lives and improve quality of life. Continuous innovation, increasingly underpinned by technology, is a critical strategic pillar in improving our quality processes, cycle-times and service outcomes.

The technological solutions ICON offers improve service efficiency and effectiveness by enabling new ways of working with new capabilities. By using automation to remove manual, repetitive tasks we can reduce your costs and free-up valuable resources to focus on critical issues.


ICON has centralised our automation expertise to better identify new opportunities to automate or rationalise processes across our business and our sponsor partnerships.

By using our automation experience, we have delivered savings of over 80% across multiple workstreams in a variety of different functional areas. Our team is available to our sponsors to share best practice and partner on developing and deploying new RPA and AI solutions. 


Case study - reducing investigator burden and increasing training compliance

FIRECREST digital solutions provide you with the tools and support to move your training online - whether it is the training that you would usually deliver in group meetings or the training that CRAs provide on-site. 

A leading biotechnology company contracted ICON to run a large number studies across Phase I to Phase III programs in a number of therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular and dermatology. It was acknowledged that there would be significant challenges in trial execution in relation to management and delivery of training and document distribution to sites due to the volume of sites and wide range of geographic locations. The sponsor needed an integrated solution to ensure operational efficiency, investigator training and compliance.

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ICONIK - data visualisation, analytics and reporting tools

ICONIK - data visualisation, analytics and reporting tools

ICONIK is an advanced suite of data visualisation, analytics and reporting tools, developed to support centralised monitoring of risk on clinical trials as part of a risk based framework. ICONIK enables visual analysis, signal detection, trend review from the study level right down to the individual patient and record level right across the range of data sources captured on clinical trials today, and those that will be more prevalent in the future.

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IGNITE innovation platform

ICON co-developed and led a crowdsourcing exercise with our client through our in-house innovation platform IGNITE. We helped all employees across the two organisations globally to collaborate and generate innovative solutions to common challenges. The focus of this exercise was to gather ideas to strengthen inspection readiness of the Trial Master File (TMF) and optimise quality oversight.

The exercise was a great success with 2,500 ideas generated and engagement from over 44 countries globally. Of the ideas generated, 13 were selected to be incorporated into the programme roadmap. Additionally, we are also sharing innovation and best practices to improve the speed and efficiencies in times to start and close clinical trials, and predictability in patient enrolment.