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Identifying & reducing barriers to oncology clinical research at site level

Recent developments in cancer immunotherapy illustrate virtually unprecedented clinical benefit in some advanced cancer patients, and the potential for cure seems tangible. In line with transforming patient care, we have also already begun to transform drug development.

ICON conducts clinical studies in both solid and haematological tumours including breast, lung, gastric, HCC, prostate, multiple myeloma, AML, lymphoma and leukaemia.

ICON services your oncology trial can benefit from include:

Transforming patient outcomes

The explosion of information about the genetic aberrations underlying cancer has led to several changes in the paradigm of how we develop drugs for this disease. We believe that transformation of the outcomes for patients with cancer will require detailed understanding of these genetic aberrations in each patient’s cancer at diagnosis.

Targeted therapies, novel immunotherapies and the ability to combine these agents together successfully will be important in the development of effective and tolerable treatment regimens.

Oncology insights

ICON's Oncology experts provide analysis including whitepapers, blogs and contributions to media and industry conversations relating to all aspects of oncology in clinical trials.

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