ICON provides end-to-end Medical Information solutions for your product as it enters the marketplace and transitions through the product lifecycle. Our integrated cross-functional teams offer custom and scalable solutions to meet your needs for essential post-marketing support.

As the first line of contact between your organisation and your patients and healthcare professionals, our expert teams provide medical, scientific and technical information in response to inquiries regarding your products. We can support with specialty expertise in pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, OTC products, natural health products and drug/device combinations.

Medical Call Centre Services

  • Tiered Medical Information and post-marketing support – flexible, accessible frontline and second-level support including intake, triage and processing of Medical Inquiries, Adverse Events and Product Quality Complaints in addition to the preparation of Standard Response Letters, FAQs and Custom Response Documents
  • Outbound follow-ups for Adverse Events – contacting reporter to collect detailed information, and ensuring proper documentation, guidance, monitoring and follow-up to ensure patients/subjects receive the care and support needed
  • Specialty services – collecting valuable real-world data through specialised patient registries (e.g. safety, pregnancy) and supporting the patient experience through patient support programs
  • Library services – article searches and copyright management provided by in-house medical librarians using Ovid to search Medline and Embase database

Responsive information database

ICON can support client-specific databases or use its own validated, customisable database. The ICON database is a comprehensive, end-to-end medical call centre system to capture all inquiries and record and track key data points. It allows for custom data fields and can be integrated with other applications for seamless safety data capture.

  • All inquiries receive a unique medical call centre tracking number to identify associated data and aid in report tracking and trend analysis
  • Data is transferred to the relevant department(s) within timelines; if needed, follow-ups can be done on behalf of other departments with the reporter, ensuring one point of contact with the public
  • Easily generated case snapshots and custom reports for audits, inspections and distribution to other teams and departments to track new data trends

Regulatory compliance

The ICON medical information call centre adheres to local and national regulatory requirements as well as client internal procedures and processes for streamlined compliance. The centre has experience in supporting adverse event and product complaint case handling, from intake through documenting and submission to the Pharmacovigilance and Quality Assurance departments, and also performs monthly quality checks to ensure accurate triaging and monthly AE and PQC reconciliation.

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