Our data analytics team has extensive experience applying operational performance metrics and data analytics within FSP to drive resource efficiencies and optimisation.

As a key part of our FSP service offering we have an independent operational governance team with extensive data and analytics experience. The team works with senior stakeholders both internally at ICON, and with our client partners, in analysing operational data and reporting efficiencies that can be gained through informed operational changes. We have developed a number of powerful performance and risk oversight dashboards that facilitate high performance cultures.

Our insight helps identify high performing teams and where cost savings can be made due to inefficiencies. This portfolio-level oversight provides powerful intelligence, with the ability to provide one view across several CRO partners and compare performance. Our approach applies performance & productivity expectations and measurements that we require of our internally run studies and enables us to meet deadlines 20% faster than industry standards.

Dedicated ICON analysts report directly to you, independent from our leadership and operational teams. They extract data from both sponsor and ICON systems, providing a dashboard focused on actions reporting across all CRO partners. This approach is proven to result in cost savings and the following benefits for our clients:

  • Portfolio-level reports on headcount utilisation, capacity and capacity forecasts.
  • Customised Key Performance Indicator dashboard reporting: operational metrics, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Identification of quality and operational performance gaps, through oversight of monitoring visit report completion and site action item resolution.
  • Driving improvements in resource productivity, ensuring a high output days-on-site per CRA.
  • Emerging trends and signal reporting.
  • Application of ICON’s internal Resource Tool to identify and compare study level resource requirements leading to resource optimisation gains.