Clinical Trial Tokenisation – rich data and powerful analytics to deliver enhanced evidence for your study.

ICON understands the value of leveraging real-world data to understand the current standard of care (SoC), disease monitoring, and the power of following the patient as they move through the continuum of care.

Our innovative solution, combines the tokenisation of clinical trial patient data using Synoma®, our proprietary technology, and the connection to real world data from multiple sources, to deliver truly enhanced evidence.  With advanced analytics, this solution provides greater insight and proof of drug safety and efficacy over time.

Trusted partner for data privacy and regulatory standards

We have the expertise to manage clinical trial tokenisation with the highest quality and security standards required, due to our heritage in clinical research and wide experience in real world data solutions.  

Synoma® has been used in the healthcare data industry for ten years, and we have experience of processing over 10 billion+ patient transactions per year.  Tokens are
de-identified, and validated by an independent third-party, often exceeding 95% match rates in our real world data lake with an average of over five years of health history for each active individual.

Powerful analytics to analyse multiple data sources
ICON has developed advanced technological capabilities; allowing us to source, access and analyse multiple sources of information — making it possible to incorporate broader sets of real-world data and revolutionise evidence generation and insights to support research.

Robust and secure data access

Symphony Health, an ICON company, provides data on demand through one of the largest data-centric organisations in the industry, with access to more than three petabytes of data for 100 billion+ patient-based health transactions, aggregated from more than 900,000 data sources.

Mature privacy and regulatory framework
A team of legal, statistical, and operational experts in the healthcare ecosystem and management of information has designed the process which informs our privacy risk review.  Deep experience in HIPAA, international law including GDPR guides full privacy control.

We have developed templates using IRB approved language for protocol and consent that can be used in informed consent, either paper or eConsent.

Thinking of tokenising your clinical trial?  Contact us today to make the first step in enhanced evidence generation.

Clinical Trial Tokenisation

Tokenisation insights

Listen to a podcast on clinical trial tokenisation discussing Insights that sponsors can gain from analysing data from tokenised patients, and overcoming the barriers and alleviating privacy concerns to ensure tokenisation can be deployed successfully.

Read an article on the fundamentals of clnical trial tokenisation, watch a related video or even watch our on-demand webinar, held in association with the Financial Times, on 'The power of clinical trial tokenisation'.

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