ICON provides custom laboratory and related study management services while ensuring quality, consistency and full regulatory compliance

In addition to hosting numerous sponsor visits and audits each year, our quality assurance department conducts rigorous internal audits to ensure that our commitment to one quality standard and process is achieved.

ICON Central Laboratories hosts over 100 sponsor audits and visits each year. Our Quality Assurance staff will gladly work with clients and prospective clients to plan and schedule an audit. Following each audit our Quality Assurance Department carefully reviews the audit report and continually refines our operations according to client expectations and requirements. 

In addition to sponsoring client audits, ICON Central Laboratories’ Quality Assurance Department conducts internal processes audits. Key suppliers are also audited to ensure that these facilities meet our own standards and those of the appropriate regulatory authorities to which they are accountable.

Setting the Industry Standard

Upon completion of a series of clinical trials for a major pharmaceutical company, the ICON Central Laboratories project team visited the client’s U.S. headquarters to participate in a "lessons learned" meeting.

Each member of the ICON team was pleased to hear the consistently high praise from the sponsor regarding study support and management. However, the highlight of the day came when the head of the data management group thanked the team and noted that "ICON Laboratories’ data validation and quality assurance processes are the gold standard by which we have come to judge all other central labs."