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Site & Patient Solutions

Patient centric clinical trial services increasing recruitment and retention

The industry challenge:

  • 41%

    Sites fail to meet planned enrolment
  • 30%

    Patient drop-out rate across on average
  • 30%

    Sites that fail to enroll a single patient

Making it easier for the site and patient

Making it easier for the site and the patient to actively participate in a trial is an essential part of increasing predictability in enrolment and retention. ICON provides Site & Patient Solutions that include upfront planning of site and patient management – identification, enrolment and engagement that will make a difference and increase predictability in outcomes.

Download Case Study

Patient Recruitment Services - NSCLC Rescue Study

Our experienced teams and technologies are there to help you throughout your study. You will be supported by:

Site Engagement Liaisons: recruitment specialists working closely with sites for success

Holistic, integrated approach

Digital solutions to improve feasibility, increase site performance and enhance patient engagement

Digital and data analytics capabilities

Partnerships with leading health information technology organisations

Experienced professionals focused on your success

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