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Analyse and Integrate Data

Health Technology and Business Intelligence Solutions

Health Technology Solutions

Seamless and efficient data integration, storage, and analysis

Every year, we acquire, standardise, and integrate over 5.5 billion healthcare transactions. Our tried and tested collection of technologies and processes enable the efficient management of data sources, including HIPAA-compliant patient integration, predictive modeling, and machine learning platforms. These are capabilities acquired from more than 20 years of big data management experience.

Symphony HealthCloud®

Securely store, integrate, access, and analyse virtually unlimited volumes of data with Symphony HealthCloud, our scalable, flexible cloud-based platform. Symphony HealthCloud enables many information management applications, such as Enterprise Data Lakes, Commercial Data Warehouses, and Analytical Sandboxes.

In addition to instant access to our Integrated Dataverse (IDV), Symphony HealthCloud offers integrated cloud storage of client data, third party data, and even information from the public domain. By creating a repository the entire enterprise can leverage and employ, Symphony HealthCloud® makes utilising big data much more streamlined and cost-effective for pharmaceutical clients.

Synoma® Patient Integration

Our proprietary de-identification technology simplifies the exchange and connection of industry sources and is designed for the compliant connection of patient data. Synoma provides access to our IDV Patient Repository of over 286 million patients and the Synoma partner network of over 100 organisations. It can be further combined with client third party data, enabling the integration, storage, and curation of a variety of sources.

Customer Master

Customer Master is a cloud-based, state-of-the-art technology solution to master customer data, providing a high quality, holistic view of customers.

Customer Master’s data management platform brings together your most valued data sources and delivers a set of cleansed and normalised records. It provides a client-specific best view of your customers, custom-built to your specifications and ready for consumption by users and applications throughout your organisation.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Powerful tools and technology to power data analysis and visualisation.

Vantage™ Applications

Vantage™ applications provide instant access to key performance metrics and are configurable to your needs, enabling rapid analysis and decision making. They’re designed to address major business focus areas and key commercial functions, such as sales, managed markets, and brand management.


Powered by IDV®, Metys™ is a web-based tool that intelligently integrates prescription, payer, and anonymised patient data through one single access point — all while delivering insights faster than any other tool in the industry. Metys™ accesses over 60 terabytes of automatically included weekly and monthly data, reflecting our breadth of patient-level data and advancements in machine learning.

Metys now includes managed markets metrics that display how payer dynamics are impacting brand performance and help quickly diagnose access issues. From claims status metrics to rejection groups and reasons and patient out-of-pocket costs, Metys can help you build comparative views of your product against competing products and determine where and how access to your brand might be impeded.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

By combining our deep knowledge of life sciences operations with our advanced data analytics, we help healthcare organisations address their biggest challenges from clinical research to commercialisation. Our next generation, AI-powered analytics infrastructure was built specifically for the life sciences industry and utilises data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning, and AI to analyse healthcare data, develop predictions, and uncover new insights.

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