TrialDrive is a secure e-document distribution and tracking solution with role based and acknowledgement tracking

Trial management presents a range of logistical challenges with one of the most arduous being document management and tracking.  This problem is compounded when trials span multiple countries, time zones, language barriers and the need to deploy targeted communications and collect documents from sites. 

TrialDrive is a secure two-way e-document management platform. It enables the study team to:

  • Distribute and track study documents to the site
  • Capture necessary documents from the site as part of study start-up and ongoing study maintenance
  • Route documents captured from sites to the eTMF, once approved by a reviewer

Bringing Benefits to your Trial

  • Complete audit trails of read and acknowledge supporting regulatory compliance and inspection readiness 
  • Reduced time and costs
  • Reduced site burden and administration costs
  • Couriers associated with paper distribution
  • Reduces environmental impact through less paper, ink and fuel consumption
  • Increased site and study team satisfaction with less reliance on paper and email


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