Optimising real world data use to drive effective outcomes

Real world evidence (RWE) continues to drive healthcare and research discussions and decisions. ICON works with biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to identify, generate, and communicate the clinical, safety and cost-effectiveness evidence that regulators, payers and providers demand. Our experts collaborate with your subject matter experts to deliver a unique, intelligent RWE strategy for increased clinical research efficiency, and targeted plans that can enhance your value story and provide compelling evidence for stakeholder engagement. We call this approach Real World Intelligence™.


From interactive evidence planning workshops and strategy creation to implementation of innovative technology and RWD solutions, we ensure that you are on the clear path to commercial success, equipped with the right RWD assets to generate impactful evidence.

  • RWE planning workshops and strategy creation - Our interactive workshop approach brings together subject matter and functional experts to create a roadmap that aligns with your strategic objectives. You get a step-by-step plan to identify and execute a comprehensive RWE strategy customised for your specific asset.

Technology solutions

The evidence generated from collecting, standardising and analysing RWD from primary and secondary sources can be used across an array of late phase research applications. With a full understanding of the novel RWD sources and innovative technologies to gather, process and analyse them, a more robust approach exists for creating RWE results. At ICON, we take a novel approach to real world evidence technology by leveraging:

  • Partnerships, to access additional RWD sources, technology enablement, and future investments
  • Greater use of secondary RWD, through innovative study designs and patient recruitment
  • EHR research platforms, as a backbone for data collection and to support hybrid studies and pragmatic trials
  • Patient-centric technologies, including ePRO for retention and recruitment and through virtual studies and the use of wearables

ICON Evidence Platform

ICON provides a configurable RWE technology platform, that is a fit-for-purpose solution to support and enhance observational research and gather disparate RWD assets into a common data model. The ICON Evidence platform provides analytics to support multiple audiences across the product lifecycle, and to serve as a central repository and analytic platform for all of your RWD assets.

Epidemiology and data analytics

ICON's epidemiology practice provides provides a comprehensive range of stand-alone services and integrated solutions with health economics, patient reported outcomes (PRO) and late-phase operations over the entire product lifecycle, to promote disease awareness and understanding and optimise market position, reimbursement and risk management.

With teams in Europe and North America we deliver scientific and advisory capabilties for evidence synthesis, observational research and modelling studies in a key therapeutic areas, with services and solutions to address:

  • Strategic consulting and trial design
  • Treatment patterns
  • Disease characterisation and disease transmission
  • Burden of illness
  • Relative drug efficacy and drug utilisation
  • REMS and RMPs
  • Real world effectiveness and safety
  • Cost-effectiveness budget impact

Biostatistics and medical writing

Our biometrics teams are dedicated to late phase research and provides a full range of services and solutions, including:

  • Statistics, including statistical analysis plans, study design and addtional analyses
  • Medical writing to support protocols, study reports and scientific communication
  • Data management support for STDM (Study Data Tabulation Model), ADaM (Analysis Data Model) and Listings
  • Programming including database design and T/F/L programming

The team includes a range of additional expertise, including epidemiologists, therapeutic medical advisors, medical monitors and safety specialists


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