The monitoring needs of every study are unique, but our overarching goals are the same—to review study progress, ensure protocol adherence, and assure patient safety and data accuracy.

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Our sites are ultimately your customers.

We represent you—the study sponsor—in each site interaction and every conversation. We care deeply about this relationship, which is why we built our Site Management Associate (SMA) operating model and services on this philosophy.

ICON SMAs are dedicated relationship experts who are committed to engaging and supporting sites.

Our SMA model is designed specifically for managing remote monitoring.

Late phase studies usually require enlisting far more study sites than earlier phases. Out of hundreds of sites around the world, few have true research experience.

Overseeing so many sites that require significant support is challenging. Using traditional site management models is excessively complex, and expensive. Travel costs alone can be prohibitive.

Our SMA model manages late studies—in multiple languages and cultures—to provide continuous site support throughout the world. Our model offers proven improved data collection, data quality, and site and patient engagement. Moreover, it can significantly reduce late-phase study costs.

Global coverage with one-on-one support.

ICON SMAs are located strategically around the globe. Each remotely serves as a site’s primary point of contact. Unlike a traditional call centre, where contacts can change daily, you are assigned a designated SMA to each of your study sites for the duration of the study.

This one-on-one approach promotes accelerated enrollment and higher retention rates, which maximise both the site’s experience and the sponsor’s return on investment.

Hybrid monitoring that ensures sites are well-trained, informed, and engaged.

This highly customized, cost-effective approach blends traditional on-site monitoring with centralized in-house site support.

Our on-site CRAs work in close collaboration with our remote, in-house SMAs to identify specific site needs, deliver strong and continuous site support, and accelerate response times.

All monitoring activities are documented within a customized CTMS system to allow for targeted follow-up. 

Our approaches offer increased efficiency and accelerated development.

These approaches both enable strong relationships with study sites and enhance the overall research experience for late phase research sites, which are often research naïve.

Sponsors and sites benefit from increased efficiency during on-site monitoring visits, in addition to decreased time to database lock, and decreased costs.

ICON SMAs are a collaborative and cohesive team.

Each SMA has extensive experience in facilitating site enrolment and patient participation, conducting training, and supporting data quality. They have expertise in a wide range of clinical therapeutic areas.

Our SMAs are proficient using technology solutions and tools to provide the highest level of customer service.