Delivering benefits to patients and sponsors

Accellacare, ICON's clinical research network, provides greater access to patients and multi-specialty physicians for our customers. This network of research sites offers proven support and infrastructure for your clinical research.

Increased patient access
Accellacare Site Network unlocks access to 8.1M+ patients and streamlines the clinical trial process to deliver an unprecedented model of predictability and standardisation in clinical research. 

Quicker start-up
Our operational structure integrates centralised services, including but not limited to site feasability, patient recruitment, budgeting and contracting, with dedicated on-site services and flexible resourcing to streamline our processes and accelerate study start-up. Accellacare sites are 58% faster to the site initiation visit than non-Accellacare sites

Quality and compliant services
Consistent, centralised training programs in quality assurance and compliance ensures that we are inspection ready across all sites. A dedicated team of quality managers, quarterly internal audits, real time quality tracking and protocol-based study worksheets result in no critical findings from 20 regulatory inspections over the past 5 years.

Accellacare Site Network has more than 30 years experience and 9,730 studies completed. With a team of 300+ dedicated research professionals and 150+ Principal Investigators, we were able to randomise 8,000 patients in 2022. We work with a wide range of therapeutic areas, from dermatology and women's health to vaccines, CNS, and respiratory studies, bringing the support and expertise needed to exceed study targets.

Accellacare's structure of centralised and on-site services and capacity for flexible resourcing result in agile clinical operations to reduce the site and patient burden.

Patient Voice

Managed by Accellacare, the Patient Voice programme enables us to leverage the patient perspective for feasibility, recruitment and retention. This research and insight, based on information from patient surveys, forums and focus groups, also supports our patient recruitment and retention team and therapeutic specialists as they identify the key milestones in the patient journey.

By leveraging this information we are able to develop protocol-specific support solutions and patient engagement strategies resulting in a more holistic, patient-centric approach. Using the patient profile and the treatment pathway to further define who the patient is, we create a customised recruitment and retention strategy for the entire study.