Making it easier for the patient

It is critical to understand the needs and key decision making considerations of the target patient population. Our patient centred services leverage the patient perspective to optimise feasibility, recruitment and retention. This enables the development of highly effective, focused strategies that increase engagement throughout the patient journey. A full range of services is available from early phase to late phase.

Patient Research & Insight

Research based on patient surveys, forums and focus groups enables us to gain better understanding of patient motivation and engagement. We also have established relationships with patient advocacy groups which helps us to gain valuable insights into the patient experience. This patient insight also supports our patient recruitment and therapeutic specialists as they identify the key milestones in the patient journey. By collectively leveraging this information we are able to develop and put in place protocol-specific support solutions and patient engagement strategies to deliver a more holistic, patient-centric approach.

Using the patient profile and the treatment pathway to further define the patient, we create a customised recruitment and retention strategy for the entire study. This proactive approach is end-to-end and integrated into the larger strategic operational plan.

Customised, multi-tiered solutions

We believe in supporting and enhancing recruitment starting at the site level. This starts with selecting the right sites and working with them to maximise their enrollment potential. Site-specific recruitment planning is essential. We are able to leverage a variety of tools and services including our FIRECREST Learning Management System, customised training modules, Pre-Screen, and on-the-ground patient recruitment resources to deliver innovative solutions. We can also offer decentralised and hybrid trial solutions including In-Home Services delivered by Accellacare.

Specialists focused in achieving targets

Site Engagement Liaisons (SELs) work closely with sites to plan and manage local level recruitment activities; from translating protocol to reviewing site pre-screening process to identify potential subjects. They will work with sites remotely or on site as necessary to deliver results you need.

Patient enrollment & eConsent

When patients have been identified, FIRECREST eConsent, featuring engaging interactive multimedia content, can help to increase patient understanding of trial specific aspects and commitments. It also features an option for patients to query the details on procedures to truly engage in the process. If the patient decides to participate in the trial, eSignature captures signatures on a range of devices including ipad and smartphone screens. eSignature is regulatory compliant, reduces site administration burden and enables real-time remote monitoring and simplified oversight for study staff.

Patient Centred Services - throughout the patient journey