Optimise Study Design for the Success of Your Early Phase Oncology Asset


Empower and streamline your clinical development programme by applying transformative changes. ICON’s clinical and operational expertise in the clinical development of Early Phase Oncology assets are founded on successful principles, with on-demand access to critical and supportive resources tailored to a early phase oncology trials, enabling:

Optimised Study Design
Fully functional adaptive trials, enabling smarter decision making and overall trial efficiency, are a reality with ICON’s methodological and oncological domain expertise, market-leading technology, and global field experience.

Enhanced Patient Enrolment and Site Reliability
Established with an oncology Phase I Site Network and highly qualified site staff, versed in the complexities of early phase study protocols to engage patients, accelerate your time to first patient, and ensure that the right patients are at the right sites in your early phase oncology trial.

Efficient Delivery and Effective Utilisation of Data
From real time access, to data visualisation, ICON’s exclusive and intuitive data solutions support the variability and speed needed specifically in early phase projects. Find rapid insights to answer critical study questions, identify trends and outliers, and make better informed decisions with these data resources.  

Access to Robust Bioanalytical Services
ICON offers comprehensive bioanalytical services, including laboratory facilities, method development, and specimen analysis, for small and large molecule oncology therapeutics, including over. 173 clinical oncology studies supported in 2016 alone.

Learn more about how ICON can transform your development pipeline with these early phase oncology study resources.