The prevalence and incidence of neurodegenerative diseases is projected to rise, however, there are currently no treatments to slow neurodegeneration for most diseases.

While there is a critical need to advance research, clinical trials in this field are complex and patient recruitment and retention are often a challenge.

Reducing patient burden is especially important in neurodegenerative studies. Our solutions make it convenient for the patient to complete the protocol assessments and stay engaged throughout the clinical study.

ICON In-Home and Alternate Site Clinical Solutions plus the use of telemedicine technology and FIRECREST eViewer and eConsent, allow for a most patient-friendly study set-up – in the past five years, ICON's Symphony Clinical Research has supported 57 studies in neurology with in-home clinical trial services

Accellacare, ICON's Global Site Network includes 55 CNS specialised sites across the globe with a proven track record in studies in neurodegeneration for rapid start-up, competent execution and patient access. We use these sites to evaluate the site and patient burden of a protocol prior to it being finalised.

ICON Neurology experience in last five years

  • 98

    Neurodegenerative clinical studies
  • 57

    of these studies delivered with in-home patient services
  • 1,715

    Neurology experienced sites worldwide

Wet, imaging and digital biomarker neurology endpoints

ICON has all relevant services for wet, imaging and digital biomarker endpoints in house:

ICON Bioanalytical Laboratories support the development and analysis of biomarker assays in the neurodegenerative disease space including determination of A-B 1-42, Total tau, Phospho tau, NFL, APOE Geno, and APOE.

ICON Medical Imaging has supported 20+ studies in neurodegenerative indications and provides rigorous analysis of novel imaging endpoints and surrogate markers.

ICON provides an end-to-end approach to effective integration of wearable devices into trial design, execution and reporting. Our digital health technology team has experience developing such frameworks - from device selection to endpoint generation and operational management.

Cell and gene therapies for neurodegenerative diseases

Clinical gene therapy has emerged as an innovative therapeutic strategy for a wide range of neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and rare diseases such as Huntington’s disease or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ICON has a deep understanding of the specific regulatory, clinical and operational challenges of Cell and Gene Therapy clinical trials having conducted 135 such studies, including 3 very recently in the neurodegenerative space.

CNS, pain and ageing related disorders insights

ICON's experienced neuroscience and drug development teams regularly share their insights in industry publications and through ICON produced content in the form of blogs and whitepapers. Read more content from our experts.

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