Transforming immuno-oncology trial design is critical to success

As proof of their effectiveness has grown, immunotherapies have rapidly gained popularity in recent years. These approaches have the potential to reduce safety concerns, have a higher therapeutic index and tackle a breadth of targets including solid tumours. For example, allogeneic CAR-T cell therapies manufactured using T cells from just one healthy donor can be sufficient to create therapeutic doses to treat more than 20 adult patients.

With the advent of these promising therapies, the field of oncology continues to evolve quickly and calls for novel approaches to clinical trials. Staying competitive in this increasingly crowded field will require sponsors to adopt nontraditional, flexible trial designs to enhance cost efficiency and reduce patient burden.

ICON Immuno-oncology experience in the past five years:

  • 370+

    Studies conducted
  • 43,410+

    Patients involved
  • 15,150+

    Sites worldwide

ICON's immuno-oncology experience in all development phases over the past five years includes indications in leukemia, lymphoma, NSCLC, pancreatic cancer and solid tumours.

Successfully implementing the required trial design strategies will require substantial expertise that many sponsors do not have in house. Contact us to learn more about our:

Oncology insights

ICON's Oncology experts provide analysis including whitepapers, blogs and contributions to media and industry conversations relating to all aspects of oncology in clinical trials.

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