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Patient Centricity

Exploring the patient dynamic from different perspectives

The culture of clinical research is evolving from one directed by researchers to one driven by the needs of patients and those who care for them.

While it seems fairly obvious that drug development is centred on the patient, the truth is that patients were not always an integral part of the process. Perhaps more importantly, patients were not involved in the conversation as to whether the drugs being developed would actually be beneficial and improve the patient’s quality of life.

In early 2020, ICON invited distinguished speakers; Avril Daly, Vice President of EURORDIS (Patient Advocacy), Professor Orla Hardimann, Consultant Neurologist (Clinical Investigator) Dr. Anthony Yanni, Astellas Pharma (Pharmaceutical Executive) to participate in a panel discussion, chaired by Dr. Nuala Murphy. The panellists discussed the dynamics of patient centricity in clinical research from their diverse stakeholder positions.

Discussion topics:

  • Getting to grips with patient centricity
  • Establishing and maintaining patient connection - patient engagement
  • Improving access to trials and patient awareness of clinical research as a care option
  • Decentralised and hybrid trials to overcome structural barriers
  • Vision for the future

Patient Centricity

A report outlining the challenges and potential solutions of integrating patient insight for improved outcomes.

Avril Daly (Panelist)

Vice President of EURORDIS and CEO of Retina International

Dr. Anthony Yanni, MD, MBA (Panelist)

Senior Vice President and Global Head of Patient Centricity, Astellas Pharma

Professor Orla Hardiman BSc, MD, FRCPI, FTCD, MRIA (Panelist)

Professor of Neurology, Trinity College Dublin and Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont Hospital

Dr. Nuala Murphy, MD (Moderator)

President, Clinical Research Services, ICON plc