We have extensive experience and key strategic partnerships across the African continent. In partnership with our main partners ACE Research and MCT, two CROs operating right across Africa, we bring expertise in more than 27 African countries with specialties in infectious diseases, sickle-cell anemia, and oncology

ICON experience in Africa and the Middle East

  • 27 African and Middle East countries
  • 10,000+ patients
  • 20 + years’ experience in Africa

More than 25 years ago, we began working with the US Army in Kenya to aid in development of treatments and preventions for malaria. Building on that platform, we continue to participate in clinical trial operations, and training to support disease surveillance, for the US government, NGOs, and Biopharma.

With offices in key locations in West Africa, and our network of accredited laboratories, clinical research sites and strategic partners throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, ICON can provide staff on the ground, providing rapid site selection, initiation, and staff training and patient enrolment in a total of 27 African countries and Middle East countries.

Ebola virus disease

Our longstanding relationships within sub-Saharan Africa uniquely positioned us to be on the ground in the 2014 Ebola hotzone. Our work related to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) continues with longitudinal studies of EVD survivors and their communities.