Funding emerging biotechs from promising discoveries to life-saving realities

The extraordinary discoveries occurring within the life sciences, today, will lead to tomorrow’s therapies with the potential to solve some of the most challenging diseases and to fulfill the most demanding unmet needs. Scientific discovery will have to demonstrate value not only to the clinic but also to future patient populations. To do so, biotechnology companies, clinical research experts and venture capital firms must work together.

ICON is committed to helping biotechnology companies launch their therapies throughout the drug development process by facilitating partnerships with venture capital firms. Once these biotechs receive funding, ICON can apply its expertise to assist them in accelerating their assets, including clinical trial planning and execution, regulatory assistance, consulting and commercialisation.

Our team can help facilitate introductions to a network of venture funds, including those in which ICON is itself a Limited Partner. One of these more formal partnerships is with ALSA Ventures’ Eclipse model, an accelerator programme with a specific focus on assisting biopharmaceutical therapeutic companies generate first-in-human data as expeditiously as possible.