Clinical outcomes assessments (COAs) have emerged as invaluable tools in health economics, offering a lens through which to assess the individual impact of medical interventions, patient experience and beliefs of the patient. From oncology to mental health, they are revolutionising patient-centred care, enabling more personalised treatments and enhancing communication between healthcare providers and patients. However, they require special training and considerations to optimise these benefits and protect data integrity across sites in a trial setting.

This webinar delves into the dynamic landscape of COAs, examining their historical use and significance, current uses and best practices, and making a case for greater standardisation in their implementation.

Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • Evolving industry attitudes and practices in COA administration
  • COA applications across various clinical domains and their vital role in healthcare and health economics research
  • The implications and potential of artificial intelligence (AI), ePRO, wearable devices, telemedicine and other technology advancements regarding patient centricity
  • Best practices and case studies that illustrate the importance of COA administration training and standardisation.


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Kelly Lipman

Principal, Patient Centred Outcomes, ICON

Kelly Lipman acts as the scientific project director for rater training. Kelly has supported many PRO projects in a variety of capacities since her start with ICON in 2015. Her career has included qualitative research and clinical experience through her time with HepTREC and the University of the Sciences, and experience as a respiratory trauma specialist (RRT) within the large emergency department of a level-1 trauma centre. Kelly has extensive experience in cognitive interviewing, usability testing, concept elicitation and qualitative research across a variety of indications. 

Heather Dickerson

Senior Outcomes Researcher, Patient Centred Outcomes, ICON

Heather is a Senior Outcomes Researcher within ICON’s Patient Centred Outcomes (PCO) team and acts as the scientific research lead for rater training. Heather is an experienced qualitative researcher with expertise in clinical trial management, protocol development, COA (Clinical Outcome Assessment) validation and localisation, qualitative interviewing and COA training. She brings more than 10 years of assessment administration and research experience to this position and has extensive experience with administration, validation, oversight and training for a wide variety of clinical and neurocognitive assessments and testing batteries.

Ryan Murphy, PhD

Senior Outcomes Researcher, Patient Centred Outcomes, ICON

Ryan is an Outcomes Researcher in the Patient Centred Outcomes (PCO) team within the ICON Insights, Evidence & Value group. Ryan joined ICON in 2016 as a qualitative researcher with a background in survey design and has gained expertise in the development and content validation of clinical outcomes assessments and qualitative interviewing. He has experience conducting qualitative research and developing COAs generally and in rare diseases. Ryan has experience in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, including rare genetic conditions, amyloidosis, hereditary angioedema, cancers, neurological disorders and short-bowel syndrome. 


  • Outcomes research
  • Project management
  • Research and development
  • Clinical science
  • Medical affairs
  • Clinical trial planning and optimisation
  • Medical affairs
  • Clinical operations