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Capturing the voice of the patient in clinical trials

Why and how to integrate qualitative interviews into the protocol


There is no substitute for speaking directly with patients. Learn the value of qualitative research in clinical development and how to embed it in RCTs to understand the patient experience.

Qualitative research is encouraged by key stakeholders to enrich quantitative data

Although it is used extensively in the social sciences and in the consumer packaged goods industry, qualitative research has been considered by many in the medical and healthcare fields to be inferior to quantitative research. As research methodologies have matured and as interest in gathering the patient perspective has evolved, qualitative research is now encouraged by regulators, health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, and health research agencies to enrich quantitative data.

Read our whitepaper for insights on:

  • Different types of entry, exit and other interviews conducted during a trial
  • The various types of questions that qualitative research embedded in clinical research can answer
  • When to employ mixed methods research
  • The times and situations when qualitative research can be most useful and critical for successful drug development