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Payers’ perspectives on digital therapeutics

In-depth interviews reveal what manufacturers can expect from US payers

How will US payers evaluate and manage digital therapeutics?

Get insights and recommendations on successful market access considerations

Payers' Perspectives on Digital Therapeutics: Insights gathered from interviews with industry experts

The exponential growth of the digital health products industry has brought an array of options for helping patients to prevent, manage and treat medical conditions. A subset of this trend, digital therapeutics can be used independently or along with medications, devices, or other therapies across a variety of disease states. They also can capture real world data on usage, engagement, disease progression, healthcare outcomes and therapeutic efficiency. 

With the rising adoption of digital tools and the ongoing need to monitor both healthcare costs and the rising incidence in chronic diseases, it is worth asking: Are US payers prepared to evaluate and determine coverage for these products? 

To answer this and other questions, ICON’s Global Pricing and Market Access team shares its research on the digital health landscape in a white paper, and the conclusions from in-depth interviews with health plan and pharmacy benefit manager leaders. Read the whitepaper for recommendations and insights on how digital health manufacturers can be successful in this rapidly expanding market.