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Medical communications in early phase product development

A step-by-step guide to creating market success


Scientific communication during the initial phases of product development establishes interest within the scientific and medical community, and encourages involvement from patients, investors, and the media in later stages of product development. These early communications must be well informed, internally coordinated, and aligned with future goals in order to ensure that an asset is presented successfully to the outside world of scientists, investigators, physicians, patients, and payers. As such, early planning among medical communication teams is key. There are three categories of activities medical communications teams should undertake in the initial phase of development: education and information gathering, internal planning, and implementing external tactics.

This whitepaper details

  • Initial development of a shared knowledge base for the relevant disease or therapeutic area.
  • Preparation of a targeted communication plan informed by substantive research, a shared lexicon, and external expert opinion.
  • Strategies for launching external communications which set the scene for presenting and publishing pre-clinical data
  • A case study of how internal medical communication of a therapeutic area new to a company reaped economic benefits.
  • A case study of how medical communication was leveraged to position a company against a successful competitor.