GLOBE and the ICON-ICHOM Partnership

The Global Outcomes Benchmarking (GLOBE) program launched by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) aims to provide risk-adjusted, international benchmarks on health outcomes by medical condition. Rather than focusing on clinical indicators, ICHOM shifts the focus to outcomes that patients care about, including functional improvements and the capacity to live productive lives. Standard Sets provide a common language and approach to measuring targeted outcomes – ICHOM currently has Standard Sets that cover over 54% of the global disease burden.

Through its strategic relationship with ICON, ICHOM is creating a secure central platform where outcomes data is compiled from participating provider organisations around the world. This will enable provider organisations to compare the health outcomes of their patients to those of their peers. Leveraging the powerful analytics capabilities of ICONIK and the statistical and risk modelling of ICON’s statistics department, both ICHOM and provider organisations will be able to make informed recommendations from evidence-based data on the best treatment options that will provide the best outcomes for their patients. The collaborative nature of this global project will enable the discovery of new approaches that cost less and are more effective, leading to improvements in value-based healthcare.

ICON and ICHOM unveiled the world’s first global patient outcomes benchmarking platform at the 2017 ICHOM annual conference. The platform enables the collection, storage, aggregation, analysis and visualisation of health outcomes data. This work was done in close collaboration with the provider organizations who have full ownership of the data and the clinical leaders and patients in the working groups who defined the datasets in the first place.

This secure platform will provide decision support tools and insights to participating healthcare organizations for optimising and improving patient outcomes, using ICHOM developed Standard Sets


Advancing value-based healthcare

Value-based health care is care that delivers the best possible outcomes to patients for the lowest possible cost. Harvard economist Michael Porter, a leader in the value-based healthcare movement, recognises that “the central driver of value improvement is outcomes measurement.” ICON and ICHOM, are measuring and reporting on outcomes that matter to patients and are creating a secure platform to assess and compare outcomes from healthcare providers around the world.

Together we are advancing value-based care by enabling the healthcare and clinical research industry to be more consistent, transparent, and patient-centric. In a landscape where payers and providers are increasingly shifting to new payment and delivery models, the opportunity exists for sponsors to optimise value across the product lifecycle through the use of benchmarked patient outcomes data and other forms of Real World Intelligence.


  • Physician

    Compare outcomes to that of their peers. Identify best practices, change behaviours, gain feedback.
  • Patient

    Doctors are making evidence-based treatment decisions.
  • Payer

    Reimburse for the right treatments at the right time. Steer patients to the best providers.

ICON interest in benchmarking across the industry

ICON has an established history in supporting benchmarking to drive more efficient and standardized clinical research processes in clinical development, saving costs and reducing timeframes. In addition to partnering with ICHOM, ICON is a member of the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC), an industry association dedicated to using global benchmarking metrics to improve clinical trials, and Transcelerate, a global collaborative initiative across the biopharmaceutical research and development community that is dedicated to designing new solutions that drive efficiency in the delivery of new medicines.