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Best practices to increase engagement with medical and scientific poster content

Using enhanced digital content and design


Scientific posters are in need of a design overhaul. Poster sessions are a valuable opportunity to communicate research with a large audience. However, traditional posters rely on an information-dense design and often fail to make a lasting impression. For conferences with thousands of posters on display, this method of communication is often overwhelming to attendees, who spend an average of 90 seconds reading a poster before moving on.

Scientific posters should be redesigned with the audience and setting in mind. Designs that integrate visual and interactive elements with user experience principles will improve audience engagement and comprehension. This whitepaper provides practical tips for redesigning posters to enhance science communication.

This whitepaper details:

  • Principles of user experience design that can be applied to poster presentations
  • How enhanced content, like podcasts, and innovative interactive designs can be integrated into a poster
  • The development of an integrated communications plan
  • A case study demonstrating the value of infographics in poster redesign
  • A case study depicting how information can be conveyed at a glance with a graphic poster template
  • A case study demonstrating a poster redesign that reduces cognitive load and reaches the target audience