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Sponsor and CRO pharmacovigilance and safety alliances

Outsourcing pharmacovigilance activities is a standard business practice in a rapidly expanding market segment.

The benefits of outsourcing include lower costs for staffing, recruitment, management, and training, along with access to resources in non-traditional, cost-effective regions. Sponsors also gain access to unique pharmacovigilance and patient safety expertise, intellectual property, multidisciplinary knowledge, and an unbiased view.

However, with stricter regulatory requirements, hiring experienced patient safety personnel is highly competitive. Varying PV and safety regulations across the globe, new technologies, a wider range of patient safety indicators, and a higher demand for transparency all put continuous pressure on biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Download the whitepaper for best practices and model options to ensure success when outsourcing pharmacovigilance and patient safety services.


Read about the benefits of outsourcing including lower costs for staffing, recruitment, management, training, and access to additional resources.