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Agile Clinical Monitoring

The flexibility to keep your trials on track

The time has come to accelerate the adoption of Remote monitoring in a hybrid monitoring model

The COVID-19 pandemic had a substantial impact on the conduct of clinical trials, with many ongoing trials being disrupted and planned trials being delayed. As events unfolded, it became important to look at alternative solutions in many areas to minimise the impact of the pandemic and keep trials on track. The need for a more agile approach to clinical monitoring and associated data review has emerged and this demand is likely to continue into the future.

Our whitepaper examines best practice in clinical monitoring and how to remain agile in challenging conditions.

Topics include:

  • The changing dynamic of clinical monitoring
  • Assessing models for quality and flexibility
  • Considerations in Remote monitoring
  • An integrated technology strategy for Centralised monitoring and remote SDV
  • The advantages of a hybrid monitoring model

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