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Addressing cybersecurity for your medical device

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities can emerge in any medical device that can be connected to another electronic device or network.

Reimagining Patient-Centric Clinical Trials with the IoMT

Reimagining patient-centric clinical trials with the IoMT

There is an opportunity to rethink the clinical trial experience and ultimately bring new treatments to the patients that need them, faster. By using the IoMT to focus on the patient experience, connected technologies are set to revolutionise clinical trials,  

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Cybersecurity checklist for medical devices in clinical trials

Checklist: Addressing cybersecurity for your medical device

Cyberattacks are a complex, constantly evolving global threat. Attacks can disrupt the function and compromise the data security of any medical device that is or can be connected to another electronic device and/or network. In addition, vulnerable medical devices may be harnessed as part of a botnet* to launch attacks on other targets; as a back channel to breach the security of hospital or clinic networks; to extract ransoms; to harm a patient or user of the device and to inflict other financial or reputational damages onto device manufacturers, clinics and patients.

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Five steps to successfully incorporate digital health into clinical trials

Five steps to successfully incorporate digital health into clinical trials

Recruiting outside vendors has the benefit of accessing best-in-class Digital Health expertise and infrastructure. However, it creates complexity and a need to manage multiple stakeholders and processes. Therefore, every trial design and technology decision – from selecting endpoints to the use of mobile sensors, apps and virtual visits – should be made with an eye toward making trial participation as easy, convenient and rewarding as possible for patients, while collecting the data needed to measure required endpoints. The following steps can help to guide the process of successfully integrating Digital Health technologies into clinical studies.

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Mobile healthcare to revolutionise clinical trials

Innovative mobile health information: The digital diagnosis

As technology continues to evolve, more healthcare providers are turning to mobile healthcare to revolutionise clinical trials and patient care. Harnessing the power and flexibility of mobile devices, mhealth technology provides advantages.

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AI In Clinical Research: Now And Beyond

Personalising digital health

 Digital health technologies have the potential to transform the way we conduct clinical trials and generate customised therapies. In fact, they can even inform regulatory decisions. The potential of Digital Health in clinical trials extends beyond transforming trial design and execution, to generating customised therapies using biomarkers and targeted therapies for better patient outcomes.

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Transforming medical device development

Transforming medical device development

ICON has identified six critical challenges that present increasing stresses on time-to-market, the efficiency of clinical development, and the overall productivity of a company and its pipeline. In particular, specific and often unaddressed issues in patient recruitment, strategic planning for post-marketing studies, and study protocol design, threaten to undermine the commercial viability of novel medical devices.

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