Perspectives from senior pharmaceutical executives

Special report

At a panel session hosted by ICON early in 2018, senior executives from top 30 leading pharma companies shared their views on ‘Disruptive Innovation’. The session was chaired by Nuala Murphy (President, Clinical Research Services, ICON) and guest panellists Francesca Wuttke (Managing Director, MSD Global Health Innovation Fund), Dr. William H. Carson (President and CEO of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.) and Badhri Srinivasan (Global Head of Development Operations, Novartis) provided insight into the challenges and barriers to innovation, the likely shape of clinical trials in the future and the important success factors to drive innovation in organisations.

Topics covered in the report:

  • Dealing with the digital explosion
  • Direct to patient strategies and how this is introducing new players to the industry
  • Democratising and destigmatising clinical trials to improve patient recruitment
  • Patient privacy and data protection in today's society
  • Organisational evolution to manage and nurture innovation
  • Advice on coping with the impact of disruptive innovation