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How digital technologies will transform R&D productivity

Harnessing the power of digital technologies

Digital Disruption in Biopharma

How digital transformation can reverse declining ROI in R&D

Harnessing the power of digital technologies

The current wave of emerging digital technologies offers great opportunities to transform pharma operating models and improve the declining ROI on R&D productivity. Harnessing the power of digital technologies – such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and organ-on-a-chip – can transform how clinical trials are conceived, designed and conducted. For instance, they can be used to automate processes, make efficient use of Big Data and support early decision-making with predictive analytics. 

The beginning of this digital transformation is well underway and is likely to accelerate. Therefore, harnessing these technologies will require a deep understanding of how they work, the role they will play in advancing clinical development and the limitations they present. Read our white paper, “Digital Disruption in Biopharma: How Digital Transformation can reverse declining ROI on R&D,” to discover:

  • The potential and impact of transformative technologies
  • How they might transform trial operations and multiply ROI on R&D 
  • The resources, expertise and organisational changes required to best utilise these technologies